Workpackages and Public Deliverables

WP 1. Analysis of Current Teaching and Learning Practices by June 2016 - Completed
Main objective: Identifying priorities and areas of improvements based on comprehensive analysis taking into consideration qualitative and quantitative data from different stakeholders. 

Public deliverable WP1: Report on the Analysis of Current Teaching and Learning Practices in Lebanon

The main objective of the needs analysis used in the E-Taleb project was to establish the common practices in teaching and supporting learning in higher education in the Lebanon and any gaps in these practices. It also served to ascertain faculty confidence, the extent to which different practices are used and, concomitantly, students’ experiences of these different practices and any teaching practices they would like to see in their studies. In turn, administrative colleagues were involved to gauge the rationale behind the use of these practices and relevant institutional priorities and foci.
Please click here to read the report: Analysis of Current Teaching and Learning Practices in Lebanon enlightened

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WP2. Developing the Lebanese Professional Standards Framework LB-PSF by January 2017 - Completed
Main objectives: 

  • Developing the Lebanese Professional Standards based on EU experience and the priorities defined in WP1;
  • Ensuring that the National framework support the development of best practices in T & L

Public deliverable WP2: The Lebanese Professional Standards Framework for Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education

The Lebanese Professional Standards Framework aims to:
1. Benchmark professional practice through acknowledging that teaching and the support of learning in HE takes place in a range of contexts with diverse student cohorts
2. Promote professionalism and standards across Lebanese Higher Education for all those who teach and support learning
3. Provide a mechanism for the development of academic practice and the recognition and reward of excellence in teaching and the support of learning
4. Promote approaches to learning and teaching that place the student at the centre of the higher education learning experience
5. Foster dynamic approaches to teaching and learning through creativity, innovation and continuous development in diverse academic and/or professional settings
6. Support the professional development of staff engaged in teaching and supporting learning as a driver for continuous improvement
7. Ensure that pedagogic practice is underpinned and informed by evidence‐informed approaches and the outcomes from research, scholarship and professional development
8. Acknowledge the impact of environmental, social and political change on higher education

Please click here to check the draft framework: DRAFT LBPSF (as of October 2016) enlightened

Please click here to check the final framework in three languages and the guidance document: Final LBPSF and Guidance Document (as of May 2017) enlightened

For more information on LBPSF or for feedback, please contact E-TALEB team at 

WP3. Offering Capacity Building Programs to Induct LB-PSF by June 2017 - Completed

Main objectives: 

  • Ensuring that faculty members are able to course design and delivery (teaching activities, assessment, feedback, etc.) according to high academic standards;

  • Reaching the maximum number of audience

WP4. Building Center(s) for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Lebanese Universities by July 2017 
Main objective: 

  • Providing institutional and national platforms for sharing good practices and continuous improvement and getting exposed / familiarized to the use of instructional technologies

WP5. Developing the Post-Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education by June 2017 - Completed
Main objective: Ensuring that the Lebanese universities have developed  formal and sustainable plan on teaching and learning development similar to programmes offered in Europe

WP6. First Cohorts of the PGCLTHE by June 2018 - In progress
Main objective: Serving the research communities in T & L whether locally, nationally and globally

Workpackages all over the project:

WP7. Policies, procedures and Project Evaluation (all over the project)
Main objectives: 

  • Ensuring the implementation in alignment with predefined policies and procedures;

  • Assuring the project quality through continuous evaluation of activities

WP8. Project Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation (all over the project)
Main objective: 

  • Disseminating the project results within institutions, country and region;

  • Developing sustainable strategy to ensure the long lasting use of E-TALEB beyond the project's life

WP9. Project Management (all over the project)
Main objective: Ensuring efficient functional and financial management of the project based on the involvement of all the partners

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